Why is Oregon One of the Best Places for Business

We’ve found the answer to why Oregon is among the best places for business.

With a diverse and growing economy, a highly skilled workforce, and business-friendly policies and incentives, it’s no wonder companies are flocking to Oregon.

The state’s access to innovation and opportunity also play a significant role in its business success.

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When it comes to establishing a thriving business, look no further than the exceptional prospects available in Oregon, a top business destination. With its favorable business climate, skilled workforce, and abundant resources, Oregon offers an unbeatable advantage for entrepreneurs seeking success.

In this article, we’ll delve into the data and analyze why Oregon continues to be a magnet for businesses looking to thrive.

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Diverse and Growing Economy

Why is Oregon’s economy so diverse and growing?

One key factor contributing to Oregon’s economic stability and growth is its entrepreneurial culture. The state has fostered an environment that encourages innovation and supports small businesses. This has resulted in a vibrant and diverse economy that continues to grow year after year.

Oregon’s entrepreneurial culture is evident in its high rate of new business formation. The state has consistently ranked among the top states in terms of business creation. In addition, Oregon has a strong network of support services for entrepreneurs, including business incubators, accelerators, and access to capital. These resources help startups and small businesses thrive and contribute to the overall economic growth of the state.

Another reason for Oregon’s diverse and growing economy is its economic stability. The state has a well-diversified economy that isn’t reliant on a single industry. Oregon is home to a wide range of sectors, including manufacturing, technology, healthcare, agriculture, and tourism. This diversification helps to cushion the state from economic downturns and ensures a more stable and resilient economy.

Highly Skilled Workforce

With a highly skilled workforce, Oregon has become one of the best places for businesses to thrive. The state’s competitive advantage lies in its talented pool of workers, who possess the necessary skills and knowledge to contribute to a wide range of industries. Oregon’s commitment to education and workforce development has resulted in a highly educated and skilled labor force, attracting businesses from various sectors.

Oregon’s strong emphasis on education has created a talent pool that’s well-equipped to meet the demands of today’s competitive business environment. The state boasts a high percentage of residents with bachelor’s degrees, ranking among the top in the nation. This educated workforce provides businesses with a significant advantage, as they can tap into a pool of skilled workers who possess the expertise needed to drive innovation and success.

Furthermore, Oregon’s focus on workforce development ensures that its residents have access to the training and education necessary to meet the evolving needs of the job market. The state collaborates with businesses and educational institutions to identify industry-specific skills gaps and develop targeted training programs. This proactive approach not only helps businesses find the skilled workers they need but also allows workers to acquire the skills required for high-demand jobs.

Business-Friendly Policies and Incentives

Our state’s business-friendly policies and incentives have further solidified Oregon’s reputation as one of the best places for businesses to thrive. Oregon offers a favorable tax environment, with tax incentives that attract and retain businesses. For example, the state offers a variety of tax credits, including the Strategic Investment Program, which provides property tax exemptions for qualifying businesses. Additionally, Oregon has a competitive corporate tax rate, which encourages businesses to invest and expand within the state.

In addition to tax incentives, Oregon boasts a regulatory environment that supports business growth and innovation. The state has a streamlined permitting process and a commitment to reducing regulatory burdens. This allows businesses to navigate the regulatory landscape more efficiently and focus on their core operations.

These business-friendly policies and incentives have attracted companies from various industries to Oregon. The state is home to major corporations such as Nike, Intel, and Columbia Sportswear, which have benefited from the favorable business climate.

With our state’s business-friendly policies and incentives, Oregon provides a solid foundation for businesses to thrive and succeed. This sets the stage for the next section, where we’ll explore the access to innovation and opportunity that further contributes to Oregon’s status as one of the best places for business.

Access to Innovation and Opportunity

One of the key factors contributing to Oregon’s status as one of the best places for business is the abundant access to innovation and opportunity. Oregon is home to several thriving tech hubs, such as Portland and Eugene, which provide a fertile ground for startups and established companies alike. These tech hubs not only attract top talent but also foster collaboration and knowledge sharing, creating a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Portland, in particular, has emerged as a major hub for technology and innovation. With a robust network of incubators, accelerators, and coworking spaces, the city offers a supportive environment for entrepreneurs to turn their ideas into successful businesses. In addition, the presence of renowned universities like Oregon State University and the University of Oregon provides a steady stream of skilled graduates ready to contribute to the tech industry.

The entrepreneurial ecosystem in Oregon goes beyond the tech sector, extending to various industries such as clean energy, advanced manufacturing, and healthcare. The state’s commitment to sustainability and renewable energy has attracted companies and investors looking to capitalize on the growing demand for clean technologies.

Oregon boasts natural beauty and a robust economy, making it one of the best places for business. From vibrant cities like Portland to tranquil escapes in the countryside, opportunities await. And tucked away in the heart of this business hub is BuckRub Tavern, a charming venue where professionals unwind and network in a laid-back atmosphere, embracing the Pacific Northwest spirit.


In conclusion, Oregon stands out as one of the best places for business due to its diverse and growing economy. The state’s strong economic foundation and supportive environment for businesses contribute to its attractiveness for entrepreneurs and investors.

Oregon also boasts a highly skilled workforce, which is essential for the success of any business. With a focus on data and analysis, it’s clear that Oregon offers an excellent landscape for business growth and success.

Moreover, the state has business-friendly policies and incentives in place to encourage and support businesses. These policies make it easier for companies to establish themselves and thrive in Oregon.

Additionally, Oregon provides access to innovation and opportunity. The state is known for its vibrant and forward-thinking business community, which fosters collaboration and creativity. This access to innovation and opportunity further enhances the business environment in Oregon.

Overall, when considering factors such as its diverse and growing economy, highly skilled workforce, business-friendly policies and incentives, and access to innovation and opportunity, it is evident that Oregon is an ideal place for businesses to thrive.

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